Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma


These two modules of study give you the skills to diagnose and techniques to treat in a professional clinic setting, culminating in a European recognised, professional Shiatsu qualification and the skills with which to set up clinical practice.

All teaching is in line with and accredited by the European School of Shiatsu meaning that you are fully qualified and supported by a European governing body, the European Shiatsu Federation.

The Cork School of Shiatsu encourages personal development for every student by giving the personal support they need. It is essential for students to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential in this healing field.

You will be learning in a highly supportive environment with experienced teachers plus applying what you learn to the healing of others. Study in the final year also includes creating case studies, attending clinics and tutorials to prepare you for setting up your own Shiatsu practice.

Building on the one year Japanese Acupressure Certificate, (a pre-requisite) you will receive an in-depth training in Zen Shiatsu, supported by its underlying foundations in Chinese Medicine – including the location and use of Acupressure Points.

The training builds on the studies of Holistic Anatomy and Physiology, with further study on Pathology of the body/mind, from both Eastern and Western perspectives.

These studies will be informed by recent developments in understanding, and supported with physical practices of Qi Gong, Do-In and Makka Ho energy exercises.

ESS Cork Shiatsu School

Two Year Course Details:

Shiatsu Therapy Diploma awarded on full completion of Modules 1 & 2, including final evaluation:

  • 2 x Practical assessment from registered teachers
  • 100 Treatment records
  • 2 x Case Studies
  • Final Exams

Course content includes:

Year/Module 1

  • Thorough knowledge of the meridian system
  • Acupoints, their location, combinations and functions 
  • Zen Shiatsu energetics and theory; including Masunaga’s channel extensions;
  • Technique review, refinement and creativity;
  • Diagnostic methods, Hara, Back, Tongue;
  • TCM – eight principles, causes of disease and syndromes;
  • Case History taking;
  • Practical feedback- throughout the year.

Year/Module 2

  • Refinement of practical technique;
  • Qi awareness and projection;
  • Zen Shiatsu energetics and theory, in diagnostics and treatment;
  • Reviews of channels and tsubos (acupressure points) throughout the body;
  • Practical integration of diagnosis and theory;
  • Client management and Case History taking;
  • Practical feedback;
  • Setting up Clinical practice, Ethics, Client Management and Insurance; 
  • Western Pathology.

How is this Diploma course run?

We are offering this professional qualification through a mix of intensive residential retreats, weekend workshops and online zoom classes so that you can fit this into your existing work/family commitments. 

The retreats are hosted in beautiful Skibbereen, West Cork.

Surrounded by nature, your senses removed from mundane distractions, you can immerse yourself in the experience of learning Shiatsu with ease and focus, supported by experienced teachers in an enclosed, safe ongoing group. 

The combination of retreats, weekends, online classes, practicing shiatsu as homework and study of western medicine will total 22 days over each of the 2 years of teaching required to be awarded your Professional Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma.

To begin your Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma journey you must have received your Japanese Acupressure Certificate.



ESS Cork Shiatsu School

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