About the School


We have been running courses in Cork, Ireland since 1995 as an affiliated branch of the European Shiatsu School (ESS) founded in 1985 in the UK.

Over the years the school has developed a solid reputation for teaching the skills required for success as a professional shiatsu practitioner.

The ESS was founded by internationally renowned Shiatsu teacher, Chris Jarmey, and offers study facilities in England, Ireland and Spain.

We offer an unique approach to our students, comprising an in-depth understanding of Chinese Medicine combined with the Zen Shiatsu innovations introduced by Shizuto Masunaga as the theoretical body informing the Shiatsu practice.

Our teaching puts a strong emphasis on the experiential learning aspect, bringing Zen and Chinese medicine alive in the body for each student. Our aim is to help you perfect your skills to give clinically effective shiatsu on which you can build your own successful practice.


Experiential Learning

We are passionate about teaching the theories of Zen and Chinese Medicine in a way that will makes sense to you through your own direct experience and will apply concretely to your shiatsu bodywork.

Every class typically starts with some form of experiential movement where we explore how different parts of our bodies relate to various meridians and their physical functions as well as emotional and mental aspects of our lives. Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong also play an important role within this.

Through discussion we can begin to relate these experiences to the theories of Chinese medicine, bringing them to life in a tangible way for our students that is beyond pure intellect (and readily applicable to life and ourselves).

A profound understanding of
Chinese medicine & Zen model

  We concentrate not only on Yin/Yang and 5 elements theories but also on the concept of disease through Zen and TCM. You will learn how to diagnose and treat using this ancient and profound understanding of the body.

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Clinically-effective Shiatsu

A large proportion of our curriculum is dedicated to applied learning. This takes the form of hands on, clinical experience during our student clinic days as well as focusing on the skills necessary to deal with commonly presenting problems, such as pain (frozen shoulder; migraines; menstruation pain etc.), digestive disorders, anxiety and insomnia etc.

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The school has a long tradition of inviting teachers from the wider European Shiatsu School community as well as from within Ireland. to teach for us here in ESS Cork. In the past we have had the privilege of teachers such as Chris Jarmey, Paul Lundberg, Julie McBride, Jane Pollard, Tim Mulvagh, Harriet Devlin, Idit Hourigan, Andy Jancewicz, Liz Welch, Dianne Cheong, Sybylle Walters, Andy Parfitt, Finnuola O’Hare, John Garvey, Julien Joly, Susan O’Toole, Betty O’Toole, Julie Decarroux,  Eddie Cox.


Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher
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Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher-in-Training
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Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher-in-Training

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Shiatsu Practitioner, Author & Qi Gong Teacher
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