Japanese Acupressure Certificate


This is a stand-alone Certificate course in Japanese Acupressure

It allows you to charge for your practice to the general public and is the first stage of a three year programme that will allow you to become a fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner.

Many people simply complete the course for their own health benefit and interest.

If you are already a complementary therapist this course will deepen your understanding of the body and how to treat clients from the ancient Chinese Medicine perspective.

This fantastic course gives you a solid grounding in Shiatsu bodywork and a more extensive introduction to the theories of Chinese medicine including Yin/Yang and the 5 elements including the foods, the flavours, the seasons, the emotions that nourish and heal each organ in the body.

Using the techniques of Shiatsu we cover the principles of pressure, how to sense and interpret your clients energy, how to develop your own awareness to Qi (energy) and learn to enhance its movement within the body, clearing blockages and strengthening vitality and life flow in yourself and for others.

Japanese acupressure certificate, 2024

Taught over a series of weekend workshops, held once a month, starting in Febuary 2024

Venue is West Cork Coastal Haven, overlooking Roaring Water Bay in West Cork.

Costs €2000 in total, deposit of €500 required by 1/2/24, the balance due by the first workshop, (unless otherwise arranged)

This is a non -residential course and costs do not include food or accommodation.

Provisional dates:

 24/25 Feb, 23/24 Mar, 20/21 Apr, 18/19 May, 29/30 June, 7/8 Sept, 5/6 Oct

ESS Cork Japanese Acupressure Certificate

Not only will you meet the theory of the classical meridian system and the acupressure points you will integrate it with practical experience using:

★ Qi Gong– Learn the classical 18 Stances for greater strength and vitality
★ Do-In Japanese self-care meridian exercises to open the flow of the body
★ Western anatomy from a holistic viewpoint

Learning powerful acupressure points and the meridian system as a whole you will be able to balance your body and live in attunement with the natural rhythms of nature and life.

You will begin to understand how your body works and what it is saying to you; learning to listen and love your body so you can thrive and live your best life. Offering this skill and coaching others in their healthcare journey.

Upon completion receive a recognised European Shiatsu School certificate and the qualification required to enter professional Shiatsu Diploma studies.

We are offering this professional qualification through a series of weekend workshops overlooking the beautiful Roaring Water Bay, West Cork.

In between workshops your practice will be reinforced with regular Zoom classes in Qi Gong, Shiatsu theory and practice, revision and supervision.  Surrounded by nature, your senses removed from mundane distractions, you can immerse yourself in the experience of learning Shiatsu with ease and focus, supported by experienced teachers.

The combination of in-person workshops, online classes, practicing shiatsu as homework and study of western medicine will award you the Professional Japanese Acupressure Certificate.

Our mission is for you to to achieve a greater degree of health, awareness and communication through safe and responsive touch.


Sheena Woods

Teacher with ESS Cork since 2010

Sarah Zugno

Shiatsu Practitioner & Qi Gong Teacher