Shiatsu Practitioner Training

The full Practitioner training course will provide a thorough grounding in all the skills necessary to become a professional therapist with a Shiatsu Therapy Diploma. This is recognised by The Shiatsu Society of IrelandShiatsu Society (UK) and the European Shiatsu Federation.

The Shiatsu Practitioner Training Course consists of a series of modules of part time study. The Japanese Acupressure Certificate, Stage 2 will focus on providing a systematic framework of traditional shiatsu technique and theory to give a solid grounding to your shiatsu skills.

From Stage 3 onwards you will be encouraged to be creative in adapting techniques to suit your personal temperament and body type, rather than adhere to a rigid technical form. In other words, we recognise that every individual is unique. This approach is a hallmark of our school. It has proved to be a highly successful method for practitioners to reach their full potential more easily.  Both Traditional oriental medicine and western anatomy, physiology and pathology are studied.

Stages of Study

Basic Shiatsu Skills provides the solid foundation of basic shiatsu skills.

The Japanese Acupressure Certificate will concentrate on creating a framework on which to build the diagnostic skills presented during the Shiatsu Training Diploma Level I.

The Shiatsu Training Diploma Level II will integrate theory and disease aetiology with specific treatment strategies, focus on clinical experience and help build confidence as a practitioner.

Throughout all stages there will be a structured programme of theory, home study as well as support Zoom classes.

Equal emphasis will also be given to develop inner awareness, empathy and rapport building skills. Examples of the personal development and qi enhancement methods which are taught throughout the course are given below:

Qi Gong

Specific exercises to develop your internal qi, energy to enhance your sensitivity, diagnostic ability and personal health. Systems include Meridian Tracing Qi Gong, Taiji Qi Gong and Five Element Qi Gong.


A system of self -applied shiatsu and for treating yourself and recommending to others

Makko-ho meridian stretches

A series of stretches which open and energise the meridians for personal practice, self-diagnosis and recommendations

The Healing Sounds

Use of sound and voice to increase strength of qi and harmony of mind

Creative Visualisation

Experience the energy channels through unique meridian circulation visualisation methods.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Concentration

Exploratory One Day Workshops

Series of 3 practical one day workshops
1st May 2023, 5th June 2023, 3rd July 2023

Full series of 3 workshops: €250.00
Individual workshop: €100.00 each

These 3 workshops equate to a weekend of the Foundation Course.


Foundation Level

Free Shiatsu Intro workshops via ZOOM and around Ireland

2 Day Shiatsu Foundation Courses (2 x 2 Day Course), Cork City (€400.00); or

4 Day Intensive Foundation Retreat in West Cork, 1st-4th September 2022 (€500.00)


One Year Professional Japanese Acupressure Certificate

Three 5 Day Intensive retreats  in West Cork: €2,800.00

To obtain your professional certificate Japenese Acupressure, there is a prerequisite  to have completed the Foundation course or equivalent (email if you are unsure if your training is equivalent)


Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma

Level 1 & 2: 2022-2024 Certificate Training:  €3,400.00 per year.

Diploma training is over 24 days each year, for 2 years.  There are a series of retreats throughout each of the two years.

To obtain your Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma you must have received your Japenese Acupressure Certificate.


CPD, Skills Training & Events

Qi Gong workshops:
Soaring Crane Qi Gong 3 day Retreat in West Cork: €400

27th-29th January 2023    &    23rd-25th June 202

For further information on any of the above courses please contact us by email