Shiatsu Practitioner Training

The Shiatsu Practitioner Training Course consists of a series of modules of part time study leading to a full Shiatsu Therapy Diploma. This is recognised by The Shiatsu Society of IrelandShiatsu Society (UK) and the European Shiatsu Federation.

The full Practitioner training course will provide a thorough grounding in all the skills necessary to become a professional Shiatsu therapist.  It will focus on providing a systematic framework of traditional shiatsu technique and theory to give a solid grounding to your shiatsu skills.

From Diploma Level I onwards you will be encouraged to be creative in adapting techniques to suit your personal temperament and body type, rather than adhere to a rigid technical form. In other words, we recognise that every individual is unique. This approach is a hallmark of our school. It has proved to be a highly successful method for practitioners to reach their full potential more easily.  Both Traditional oriental medicine and western anatomy, physiology and pathology are studied.