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This is a comprehensive beginners course that offers a full body routine to students with no previous experience. It can also offer massage therapists new techniques to enrich their existing practice.

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2 Day Shiatsu Foundation Courses (2 x 2 Day Course), Cork City (€400.00); or
4 Day Intensive Foundation Retreat in West Cork, 1st-4th September 2022 (€500.00)

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What is covered in this Stage 1 - Foundation Course:

Including a Free Shiatsu Intro workshops via ZOOM and around Ireland;

The course will cover the essential aspects of Shiatsu such as:

  • Origins & philosophy of Shiatsu;
  • Principles and techniques of Shiatsu technique, including Prone, Supine, Side-lying, Sitting;
  • Introduction to the Classical Meridian system;
  • Introduction to Yin Yang / 5 Elements;
  • Acupressure for First Aid;
  • Do-In Japanese exercise;
  • Qi Gong – 18 Stances;

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2 x 2 Day Shiatsu Foundation Course, 4 Day Intensive Retreat