CONGRATULATIONS to our latest group of students for completing their Shiatsu Foundation level. WELL DONE! The team at ESS Cork would like to wish you all the best, hoping that shiatsu continues to be a strength and resource in your lives and that you find a way to share your skills and the amazing benefits of shiatsu with others. We hope you keep in touch. Enjoy!


Our recent 4 day shiatsu workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended. Attentively taught and mindfully nourished all set in the stunningly beautiful West Cork on the #WildAtlanticWay.

We covered:

  • Qi gong, 18 stances of Taichi qigong shibashi, outside in nature with panoramic views
  • Self massage of Do-in and the Makko ho stretches
  • Shiatsu principles and its application in 4 different positions, face down, face up, side and sitting

After the 4 immersive days participants left with not only a Shiatsu Foundation Qualification, but a renewed connection with themselves, others and nature.