Teachers at the Irish branches of The European Shiatsu School


Sheena Woods RPSSI (T)


Sheena, a graduate of the Cork School of Shiatsu, is now a Registered Teacher and is currently running the teaching programme in Cork.

She is also a Qigong Teacher offering courses in Essence and Soaring Crane Qi Gong.

Diana Cassidy RPSSI


Diana trained in the British School of Shiatsu based in London in the early 90's, she is currently the director of the Cork School of Shiatsu. She teaches Shiatsu to adult education classes, gives short introductory workshops and  presentations.

Diana runs a Shiatsu Practice in Cork City and in Inniscarra.


Sibylle Walter MCSP DS MRSS(T)

Sibylle started teaching for the ESS in 1995 and is one of the principal teachers of the London Branch. Before graduating as a Shiatsu practitioner she had been working as a Chartered Physiotherapist. This background has given her a sound base in bodywork that comes across in her teaching of anatomy and shiatsu techniques. She teaches on all four stages of the practitioner course.

Her extensive clinical experience includes working in specialist centres for people affected by HIV/Aids, in a community drugs project, and working with pregnant women. She has an established shiatsu practice in South London. A special interest in meditation informs her personal practice. Sibylle is an assessor for the Shiatsu Society, and is also a qualified NLP practitioner.

For more information about Sibylle's Shiatsu practice, visit www.sibyllewalter.com


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