Olive's story - Cancer & Chemo - July 2012


I was introduced to shiatsu by a friend and at the time I had no idea what it was about.

I was going through chemo at that time and would try anything that came my way to help me on this difficult path. I met Diana, we discussed my situation and she was more than willing to help me. My chemo was every 3 wks and every time I had shiatsu it was very different. The session after chemo, my body was very protective and wouldn't allow much to happen. It had enough to cope with but I did feel that little was a help. Week 2 my body was much more open to receiving and my energy levels came up much quicker and wk 3 my body was totally responsive to it. It's amazing how the body will only allow when it wants it.

Shiatsu certainly helped me through a tough time, my energy was much improved and I came around much quicker after my treatment and, emotion wise, I felt much stronger and happier with myself. It helped me cope.

I don't know how it works it just does and that is enough for me. I will certainly be going for more sessions of shiatsu to help my body heal and get it back to full health. Shiatsu helped and encouraged my body to heal itself and how wonderful that is.

Thank you, Diana, for all your help.




Len's story - Severe elbow and arm mobility problems


About 5 years ago I had a motorbike accident that left me with severe damage to the left arm - I couldn't straighten my elbow more than 45degrees (approx), had very little movement in it and was in a lot of pain. I was on anti inflammatory tablets, pain killers and was given a gel to rub in daily. I was seeing a physiotherapist regularly. The doctor was talking about an artificial joint.

I didn't feel that there was any improvement in the condition, in fact it appeared to be getting worse. Shiatsu was strongly recommended to me from another practitioner - I had never heard of it before and didn't know what to expect.

I had approx 6 Shiatsu treatments over the next 10 weeks - the first 2 lying on a mat and the next ones sitting in a chair. I noticed a slight improvement after the first 2 but a major event took place early on in the next couple of treatments. When the outside of my right leg was being worked at one stage, I felt a huge energy movement around my shoulders and down my left arm - 2 points were being held at that time. This was immediately followed by a sudden 'jolt'; which nearly knocked me off the chair. There was no discomfort during this, just a weird feeling of movement.

Directly after this treatment, my elbow almost fully extended (which I was assured by the medical profession would never happen). There was a great relief from pain and I was able to go back to work in the building trade - which, again, I was told would probably never happen, I am able to do light work now.

Both the doctor who was suggesting surgery and the physiotherapist couldn't believe the response and the improvement in my condition, and surgery was discounted.

Shiatsu was the only help that I got that really worked. At no time was there any discomfort, I now have much more movement in the arm, there is a great relief from pain. This has maintained since my last treatment.


Mark's story - Epilepsy


When I was in my late teens, I had a motorbike accident that left me with a form of epilepsy - occasional blackouts which was kept under control with medication. I was told that I would have to keep on the medication for the rest of my life, give up any activity - eg. sports, and never to drive a car.

I found that the medication kept me slightly drowsy most of the time. It was about 10 years later that I volunteered to be a 'body' for a trainee shiatsu practitioner - in her 2nd year of study.

I received a number of treatments that relaxed me and I noticed after a while that I was not taking the medication as often as I should have but there were no side effects. I began to feel more alert and awake and started to take a greater interest in life.

This was about 15 years or so ago. I am now completely off the medication, I have my driver's license back and I have not had any recurrence of blackouts. My doctor was delighted when I stopped the medication - I told him about it before doing so. I still have the occasional Shiatsu.



Jeannette's story - Eczema and back problems


My first introduction to Shiatsu was through my GP. I had a problem with eczema and she suggested I try a psychologist to try and learn to relax as the eczema was worse when I was under pressure. At that time, the psychologist was also working with a Shiatsu practitioner and I would attend both at the same visit. I did notice a difference in the skin condition but alas, like all good things, it came to an end. The Shiatsu practitioner, who was not local, was moving away so I left things for a while.

After a year the eczema came back so I went looking for another practitioner and made contact with the Cork School of Shiatsu. At the first meeting I had to give some details about myself which included the eczema and also some back problems I had since a car accident some ten years previously. From then on both of the problems were given particular care during treatments. In the years that I have been having treatments regularly, I have had very little trouble with my back and the eczema has not returned.

Normally I have a treatment every month but I missed some sessions recently and I really felt the difference. The skin condition was O.K. but my back did feel the neglect. I'm back to my usual routine now and looking forward to the next treatment.



Please note that not all people with the above or similar problems will respond in the same manner to Shiatsu.

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