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Welcome to the Irish branch of The European Shiatsu School


We have been running courses in Cork, Ireland since 1995. The European Shiatsu School was founded in 1985 in the UK. The school has developed a solid reputation for teaching the skills required for success as a professional shiatsu practitioner.

We offer a variety of courses ranging from basic skills workshops to a one year Intermediate Certificate and three year Diploma.


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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a profoundly effective bodywork rooted in Chinese Medicine, developed in Japan and brought to the West, becoming increasingly popular since the 1970’s. Shiatsu technique involves stretching, joint mobilisation and applying weight through the palms, thumbs, (knees, feet, and forearms) into various parts of the recipient’s body. This encourages greater harmony of Ki (energy), circulation, flexibility and postural integrity. Many of the techniques are applied to the same system of energy channels (meridians) and acupressure points as used in acupuncture.


Studying Shiatsu

Studying shiatsu encourages the development of a finely tuned intuition with an understanding of Oriental diagnosis, posture and breathing. Shiatsu will allow your mind, body and spirit to come into better balance so that you can look, feel and be healthier as well as help others and develop a career if you wish.
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For all enquiries please email info@learnshiatsu.ie

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